Have You Combined Personal & Business Travel Insurance Together?

business travel insurance

As a business owner or executive, were you aware that rather than having to organise a Travel Insurance policy for every trip you take, that there is actually an annual product you can buy that can cover all of your personal leisure and business travel insurance needs?

What if we told you we could extend this policy to all your employees for all their business travel? And even further, extend it to all the members of your executive team for their leisure travel as well? You’d think no such policy exists, right? Wrong!

As your insurance brokers, we seek to find you the best value for your time and money, across all classes of insurance. Using an insurance broker like Sutton means that we match your needs with the best business insurance solution that suits your requirements. When it comes to travel insurance, here are just a few of the benefits that an insurance broker such as Sutton can find you.

The benefits

  • You and your family (or your executives and their family) can be placed under the same policy.
  • Claim lost, stolen or damaged baggage up to $20 000 an item.
  • Gain 24/7 worldwide support.
  • Claim for political and natural disaster evacuation.
  • Be covered for overseas medical.
  • Cover against pre-existing medical conditions and pregnancy.

Why can an insurance broker get you a better deal?

An insurance broker has access to the best insurance providers, and many that you cannot source yourself. This means that they combine insurance options to suit your level and mode of travel (and keep them updated as your business grows or changes). There are even policies out there that will cover your spouse and children free of charge!

An insurance broker will be sure to get you the best deal possible. If your company downsizes or upgrades, if you strike up business with international investors or find that more of your coworkers need to travel for meetings, an insurance broker will review and make changes to your policy. That’s without you even having to worry about it!

When Sutton is your insurance broker, you’ll know that we’re regularly reviewing your needs to ensure that you’re only paying for what you require, and that your business will always be safe from travel-related risks.

Contact Sutton today for advice to make sure you’re getting the best travel insurance package for your business.