5 Way Experienced Business Owners Destress From Work

As a business owner you probably work long hours, or on weekends, so it’s important to take time out to reboot your life, destress, and get a new perspective on your goals. Here are some suggestions on how you can take a well deserved long weekend or dial down your workload to take a holiday break.

1. Delegate Your Workload

A successful business owner will always aim to delegate their workload rather than micromanaging. If you can’t delegate tasks, then you run the risk of becoming overloaded and finding it impossible to schedule in time for breaks. This can lead to stress and illnesses where you’re forced into bed rest to recuperate rather than enjoying a leisurely pursuit or family time.

2. Hire Great Staff

To be able to delegate effectively you need to be able to rely on your staff to perform tasks to the standards you require and get the best results for your company. If you need to, have staff report back to you regularly while you’re on holiday to keep you up to date with workflow. Although disruptive to your break, if you’re new to delegation then you may need this interim report to be able to relax more fully until you’re reassured things are being done right. Great staff are important from the get-go for your business. Check out this Forbes article identifying seven categories for hiring the best new employees.

3. Take Time Out to Travel

If you’re stuck in a rut, but you’re not sure what to do about it, travelling overseas to a new destination can be the best cure to broaden your horizons. For one thing, you’ll be completely removed from your work locale (something taking a break at home won’t do). For another, travel offers opportunities for meeting different people, discovering new cultures and can open doors to new thoughts and ideas. Be sure to set up your travel insurance before you go, so you have peace of mind while you’re away.

4. Go Camping

If you really can’t spare the time for a trip overseas, then a camping break might appeal. Reconnecting with nature is good for the soul and getting back to basics is a way to appreciate the simpler things in life. Going somewhere where you can’t get internet connection will make it easier to take time out from your computer, as long as you know things are in control back at the office (see #2 above).

5. Meditate

If you’re stressed but have no time to spare, taking a break from work doesn’t have to mean vacating the premises for a week. A walk around the block or to the nearest park can be a great way to gain perspective on stressful situations. If you’re feeling the pressure, you can also simply close the door to your office, turn off your cell phone and meditate for 10-15 minutes. Using an app like Calm will help to ease anxiety, and improve focus and concentration.